Meet the Caterpillars!

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Meet the Caterpillars!
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Meet the Caterpillars!

Wednesday, June 21 - Wednesday, July 5 | ongoing


Observe the fascinating life cycle of the PAINTED LADY BUTTERFLY.

Stop by the children’s room desk daily to watch our caterpillars (Ann, Stan, Dan, Jan, and Van) transform from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly!

Wednesday, June 21st:  large caterpillars munching away!
Thursday, June 22nd: caterpillars are hanging from lid of their cup — getting ready?
Friday, June 23rd:  One chrysalis hanging from lid!  Three caterpillars hard at work on theirs! (One chrysalis fell – oh no!!)

Monday, June 26th: Four chrysalises hanging from the lid!! (One chrysalis down below. We’ll see if he makes it!)
Tuesday, June 27th: Four chrysalises hanging from the lid, one down below.
Wednesday, June 28th: Moved!We’re hanging inside our net.
Thursday, June 29th: WE HAVE A BUTTERFLY!!!  Stan emerged from his chrysalis!  (He was the one who fell — he was okay!)
Friday, June 30th:  Another butterfly is trying to emerge from his chrysalis.