Brain Aerobics

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Brain Aerobics

Brain Aerobics

Friday, June 8 | 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Loren Gilberg, RN, BSW, MBA, CMC from Elder Care Homecare, Inc. presented some of the following tips for keeping your brain healthy and active:

  • Use your non-dominant hand for brushing your teeth
  • use your non-dominant foot when walking upstairs
  • take COQ10 supplement
  • count backwards in multiples of seven (i.e 100, 93, 86, etc.)
  • volunteer at a local organization
  • stay active and social
  • crossword puzzles or word games
  • learn a language
  • learn to play an instrument

The Bronxville Library can help with the last three suggestions on this list.  Did you know:

  • the library prints out copies of the NY Times crossword puzzle everyday.  You can pick one up at the Reference Desk.
  • the library has language learning books and CDs you can check out.  We also have access to Mango Languages through the Westchester Library System (library card is required).
  • the library has ukulele kits you can borrow for three weeks along with instructional books and DVDs on how to play.

Stop by the Reference Desk to learn more!