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Sorry for the confusion!

Bronxville, Then & Now Program name change

Please note:  This program was previously titled, “Time Traveler’s Trolley Tour of Bronxville.”  Since the words “trolley” and “tour” were misleading (even though we used the word “imaginary” in our description), we decided to amend the title and description to more accurately depict the program.  Click here for the updated event listing.  We apologize for any confusion.

Have you seen our collection?

Perhaps you’ve browsed our shelves, taken in a concert, watched a film, accompanied your children to Story Hour. But have you ever looked…really looked… at our extraordinary Art Collection? Next time you visit the Library, take yourself on a little tour.

From American Impressionist oils to Currier and Ives prints – there is artwork around every corner, and in every room. The collection began with the donations of several Library Trustees in the first half of the twentieth century and has been expanded by gifts from Bronxville residents through the years.

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Your pass to Museums

The Museum Pass Program at the Bronxville Public Library has been expanded and is the perfect activity for adults and children of all ages.  Perennial favorites include the American Museum of Natural History, the New York Historical Society and the Guggenheim, and as of April 2016, we have added the Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture to our list.

Mobile Printing

Bronxville’s new Mobile Printing Service allows you to print documents, photos and more from your computer, laptop and mobile device from anywhere. Click here to learn how!

NYT Crossword

Get your New York Times crossword puzzle fix at the library -- we print it daily for our patrons.